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Download printable instructions for your favorite old or new games from Endless Games:

60 Second Slam – Instructions
60 Second Slam – score card
Anger Management
Best of the Worst
Camera Roll
Chess Checkers Backgammon Instructions
Concentration (page 1)
Concentration (page 2)
Crazy Legs
Cupcake Race
Diddly: The Game of Squat!
Dueling Dice
Everybody Knows
Family Feud 6th Edition
Family Feud 5th Edition 
Family Feud 3rd Edition 
Family Feud After Hours Edition
Family Feud Strikeout Card Game
Family Feud 40th Anniversary Edition
Flippin Out
Follow The Letter
Gerald McBoing Boing Game
HashTag It
Hooked on Phonics – Alphabet Circus
Hooked on Phonics – Menu Match
Hooked on Phonics – Roll & Read
Horror Trivia
Husker Du
Identity Crisis
Liars Dice
Match Game DVD edition
Million Dollar Password (page 1)
Million Dollar Password (page 2)
Name5 Pop Culture
Newlywed Game 2nd edition 
Newlywed Game DVD edition 
OchosLocos Instructions
OddlyObvious Instructions
Out Of Order
Party Encore Instructions
Password Golden 50th Anniversary Edition
Password 5th Edition
Password DVD edition 
PBR 8 Second Madness 
PBR Bull Craps Dice Game 
PBR Bull Spit Card Game 
PBR Bullies Dice Game 
PBR Checkers Collector’s edition 
PBR Dominoes
Price is Right DVD Edition
Quick Picks – FamilyFeud
Quick Picks – Newlywed
Quick Picks – Password Jr
Quick Picks – Password
Quick Picks – The 1,000,000 Pyramid
Quick Picks – Wheel of Fortune
RedLight GreenLight 1-2-3 Instructions
Route 66
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (page 1)
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (page 2)
Sleepover Party Game 
Slide 5
Spill and Spell Instructions
Spill and Spell Roll Call Instructions
Text Twist
That was Awkward
The Floor is Lava
The Game of Scruples
The Godfather Trivia Game
The $1,000,000 Pyramid
The Tower
The Original Slappys 
What Comes To Mind
Who Am I Biography
YOUR Best Life NOW
Zippity Do 

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