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Board Game Article December

Why Old-fashioned Board Games Thrive in the Internet Age

Before the digital era, countless generations of kids grew up on board games, and plenty of us kept enjoying them as adults. That may have changed somewhat in the internet…


Charlottetown couple roll the dice and start their own board game cafe

A popular trend in the café business has come to Charlottetown, with the opening of the Island’s first board game café.

The Small Print Board Game Café opened its doors on Grafton St. Friday, offering the usual beverages and snacks, but also there are 300 different board games customers can play.

“It’s nerve-wracking but also exciting,” said co-owner Jennifer Campbell of opening day. “We like to see the energy in the room so we’re excited to see how it ramps up.”


More than a Puzzle

“Playbill Presents” is a fun 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with Broadway’s most popular musical posters!
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